Quality Design

  • Designed with modular construction.
  • All modular units are sealed for welding and pipeline environment.
  • On board (5Kg) Welding Wire Spool holder and wire feeder with long life drive roller and efficient wire guidance.
  • Spool carrier with integral preset wire tension and slack control unit. Self-guiding wire threader for ease of reloading wire spool.
  • Programmable welding parameters with memory storage for programs.
  • Centrally positioned welding head for optimum visibility and welding tip stability.
  • All electrical connectors of sealed military spec type.
  • User friendly remote pendant with all operational and test functions on board.
  • User friendly hand held programming unit.
  • Long 50 mm travel on “in/out” and “up/down” modules for use on heavy wall pipes.
  • Independently set dwells at either side of the weld head oscillator.
  • Lead and Drag angle can be set plus or minus 15 degrees.
  • The head angle can be offset from the weld centreline + 15 Degrees or -15 Degrees,
    this facilitates welding in the 2 G and 6 G position.
  • Software for the controller and hand held units are field upgradable by the user.


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