Introduction to the Comet Mechanised Welding System

The Comet is a versatile, automated all positional welding system featuring an onboard programmable system for all essential welding parameters. The Comet is supplied in left and right hand versions to allow simultaneous pipe welding by two units, from one guide track.

The Comet welding system is up to three times faster than cellulose electrode welding or five times faster than basic electrode welding in out of position welding. In addition to increased deposition rates operator efficiency increases to 70% using the Comet.

The radiographic and ultrasonic quality of the welds made with the comet will meet most standards applicable to the pipeline industry. The consumable and welding techniques used with the comet will achieve a wide variety of mechanical properties necessary to satisfy requirements for X52 to X80 and HY-80 HY-100 and similar plates.

The Comet welding system is easily used by a qualified operator. An experienced welder can be trained to use the system within 1-2 days.  Automatic Welding Systems Ltd can provide technicians for welder or technician training or project start up.

For more detailed information please view our AWS Introduction Video

AWS video intro

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