Our Clients

The Comet Mark 5 is a new model designed to supersede our previous model the Comet Mk 2.

Clients using the Comet Mk 5:

BAM Nederlands
JUZNI PROLAZ d.o.o.Zagreb Croatia
Mechanical Engineering & Contracting Co. Kuwait
Vorwerke Germany
Lincoln Electric Cleveland Ohio USA
Doosan Babcock UK
JCN Solda Orbital - Brazil
PPS - Germany
SPA Welding Germany
ETS St Petersburg - Russia
EMKO Solutions - UAE
AWT- Nederlands

Comet Mk 2

The Comet Mark 2 was supplied to and used by numerous clients on various projects worldwide. The Comet Mk 2 was used extensively by LH and Associates a sister company on various UK pipe welding contracts.

Clients using the Comet Mk 2:

Murphy’s UK
Monroe Miller UK
ACZ Marine Contractors UK
Noreast Services and Pipelines UK
Alfred McAlpine UK
Unionvest Yugoslavia
Impressa Unione Italy
Haustadt & Timmermann Germany
STT Thuringen Germany
Hak Nederlands
Sabre International USA
ESAB Waltham Cross UK

The Equipment was tested and approved for use on Transco Projects (British Gas). Gasunie Holland and was used on projects in Germany Italy and Algeria.

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