About Us

Our Directors have more than 100 years accumulated experience in their specialised fields.

AWS was formed in 2005 after extensive research revealed that the Pipeline Construction Industry had a requirement for a mechanised welding system which would allow access to small and medium sized contractors who wished to use this type of welding process on pipeline projects. Prior to this event mechanised welding on large diameter long distance pipelines was, due mainly to financial restraints, restricted to only the largest contractors.

Now with the Introduction of the Comet Mk 5 the smallest and largest of projects are accessible. 
AWS have provided the Comet Mk 5 Welding System to various companies worldwide and we are currently pursuing equipment supply on large contracts in the pipeline Industry.
The Comet Mk 5 is our only product and we have channelled all of our energies to make this machine a standard within the industry. Extensive research and testing has been carried out prior to launching our product to ensure performance and durability in the extreme environments encountered in the pipeline construction industry.

We the Directors have set ourselves the following agenda:

  • To build a machine capable of working in the toughest environment.
  • To supply this equipment at a fair price.
  • To support our clients with service, backup and training.

With this mind, we intend to set our aims to the highest standards in our obligations to our clients.

Company Directors:

Mr Ben Wyles, Managing Director
Henry Collier, Director of Engineering and Development
Michael Brennan, Director of Sales and Field Operations



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